Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One of you got 100 for Quiz 1


I'm talking about the Tuesday 2.30 class at Room 204 (Bldg 4).

Yes... One of you answered all the questions correctly. I'm really proud of you. This shows me that you've learned hard, and you are really English Department student. Some of you got 90, some 80, some 70.

However, I'm quite surprised to see that only few of you understand the materials. Many of you did not answer even one question.

We have been doing the discussion. So far, no one seems to have a problem.
We have been utilizing this blog as a channel for discussion. Few of you, however, make use of this.

Well, I will let you have the make-up quiz. This is ONLY for THOSE WHO HAVE READ & LEARNED the materials. If you don't feel that you belong to this group, please think again before you come to our class. I mean, if you don't change your way of learning, you don't have to continue taking this course.

The make-up test will be given on Tuesday, Oct 21, starting at 2.30.
Read all the materials I've recommended, NOT ONLY the presentation handouts. You need to read the books.

Those who have got good marks are Mahardika, Sartika Dhian, Mega Asmara, and Dhian Widhi. These students do not need to do the make-up test.

Well, get prepared.



Mas Hanif Genang Setyaji said...

Dear Mr. Agus DP

Who is he/she that got 100 sir?

I have a question for you sir, what the difference between stop and africative?

Thank you sir...

Nanavel Ghaznawe said...

Mr.Agus ,

I am from Kuwait and i came across your blog when I was searching for morphology exercises.

I have benefited a lot from one of your tests... Please Please .. Always post your exam questions here.

You can find very little exercises on morphology online.

Thankyou again from Kuwait :D