Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conversion Vs. Homonym

One of the word formation processes is conversion: the creation or formation of a word from another class of word without any change in the segmental components.

For example:

(A) Have a drink.

(B) I need to drink, I am thirsty.

In these two examples, the word 'drink' has transposed from a noun into a verb.

Let's compare to the following.

(C) Ayah mengganti genting yang pecah.

(D) Keuangan perusahaan ayah sangat genting.


In this case, the word 'genting' is used with a totally different meaning. Genting in (C) means a roof tile, while in (D) it means critical.

This is what is called homonym, one word with many totally different meanings. Some other examples of homonym are:

(E) I watch TV almost every night.

(F) I lost my watch.


(G) Bisa ular itu sangat berbahaya.

(H) Wah, maaf. Saya tidak bisa.


(I) Some elephants eat barks of tree.

(J) The dog barks very loudly.


Can you find some more examples?


my site said...

Ayah Ami adalah seorang pejabat teras
Teras rumah Ami sangat luas

my site said...

Regarding to Conversion Vs Homonym may be I can give another example :

Conversion :
- Tomorrows I will bring my note
- I note your rude behavior everyday
- Move that block
- Your car block mu way
Homonym :
Ayah Ami adalah seorang pejabat teras
Teras Ami sangat luas

Teras in the first sentence means important functionary

Kezia Kustina

meg said...

hi... Mr.DP
i want to ask you,
can i copy all your own Introduction to linguistic presentation slide? from the first presentation to the last presentation?
Actually i still confuse when i read only from the books and my friends presentation..i want also learn all the material from your own presentation,i hope it will help me to prepare the final test.

thanks a lot,

mega C1307017

yuni said...

Sir,may we copy your soft file of limguistic from thr first up to the last? I hope that it will helpful for our final exam.
Ehmmmm...I belong to the last group of presentation and the lesson is about systemic functional linguistic.
we'll have 2 presentation this week,right?
and Still we have a class on dec or not,Sir?

Sartika_Dyan@NR'07 said...

I would like to thank you sir...I think your encouragement this morning has worked out extremely well for me especially, and the whole class, generally...Now I tried to be focus and I'd like to empower myself to study harder than before...

-I hurt my back
-Could you please move this motorcycle to the back of the tree?

Bukunya di pinjam oleh ayahku
Bambu itu berbuku-buku

TiK@SasIngA-C13_21 said...

Conversion :
-San Fransisco has the longest bridge among others bridge in the world.
-He was able to bridge the gap between poor people and rich people.

Homonym :
- There are many difficulty that pupils are fond in learning linguistic.
- Pupil is a part of the eye.

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