Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi all,

It seems that you are so worried about the exam. You don't need to, actually.
The questions will be similar to those you had for Quiz 1.
I will not ask about definitions. So, don't expect to answer questions like "What does 'homonym' mean?', or "What does pragmatics study?' or "What is a morpheme?', "What does ambiguity' mean? etc.

However, you have to UNDERSTAND, yes again UNDERSTAND (NOT MEMORIZE) those all we have discussed to answer the questions in the exam. That's why I always ask for examples in each definition you write in our wiki. By showing examples, it indicates that you understand.

Well, if you fail to prepare yourself, I would be happy to see you again next year.... Yes, although this is the second time you joined me in this class, I would be happy to have you for the third time...

You've got plenty of time to make preparation. I've made some ways to help... this blog, the wiki, the discussion group in quicktopic.com, the weekly presentation-discussion. Only few of you, however, take the benefits of these. Very few took part in the wiki, only one posted a message in the discussion forum, many of you read (not talk) during the presentation...

Again, if you're not serious, it's me who will be serious.

Well, we have one week left for preparation.
I open another forum for discussion. Click the link below.
Please note: the comments field in the wiki is only for something relevant to the wiki. That's why I give no reply for irrelevant messages.

QuickTopic free message boards

Discuss Introduction to General Linguistics

I cross my fingers for you...


ikke_desta said...

Hi Mr. DePe...

I have prepared the linguistic test and i have some questions regarding to my understanding about the materials...I need your help Sir, to answer my questions clearly...
1. I still confuse with the difference among base, stem and Root. Please explain it more to me...
2. Would you please give me some examples about Polisemy?
3. In Semantics, I found the term "properties" and "features" of componential analysis.
The + and - signs are the properties, and the features are such kind of ADULT, MALE, etc. Is that right??
4. What is the difference between Lexical and Structural ambiguity, Sir? Please gives me some examples too...
5. If I have these kind of conversations:
- X : Where did you go to London?
Y : I went there last night.
(this is the example of MAxim of Quantity. is that right?)

- X : Will you go to the meeting?
Y : my motorcycle is stall.
(this conversation is true regarding to MAxim of Relation but it bans MAxim of Quantity. Is that right?)

6. would you explain more about Conventional Implicature???
7. Should we study about Types of Preporsition?

Hope that you will answer it as soon as possible.. then I will get a better mark...Amin..


Agus D. Priyanto said...

The answers to your questions are all in the wiki. Please check http://intro2gl.pbwiki.com/.

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