Saturday, September 13, 2008

Topic 1: Language

Sorry for the late post.

I'm happy that some of you have started posting.

Well. After our first discussion, we are now aware that the object of linguistics is human language, not animal language, not gesture, not programming language, etc. Please learn more about some definition of language.

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Ramadan said...

morning sir,

sir,what topic for our first class?
How many groups should be presented their presentation for one meeting?

thank you sir

chiyo_akemi said...

morning sir,
Last friday we have discussed about the first topic. We discussed about language.
Language is considered to be a system of cummunicating with other people using sounds, symbols,and words in expressing a meaning, ideas, or thought.
There are three definition about language : Langage(language in very general); Langue(language in the certain language); and Parole(language which is concetrated n utterance or written expression. And for linguistic we focuse on language which has definition as PAROLE.
If we talk abut language there are twelve characteristics and four kinds of language.
I think that's all that i can review about yesterday meeting.
Sir, may i borrow your linguistic text book which is written in English? I need reference..
Thanks sir

AGUS DEPE said...

Ramadan: There will be two groups who should have the presentation. Group one is about language, group two is about linguistics.

Chiyo: What's exactly your name? If you want to make it confidential, please send me an sms to 081329943252. I badly need this.
BTW, langage, langue, and parole are not definitions of language.


makna said...

second meeting of intro to linguistic....

this Friday the first group got the opportunity to open the first and most basic topic of linguistic, LANGUAGE.
i've read the copy that Mr.DP gave us the other day, and i understand it well...

overall, i understand what language is, the characteristic of languages and the type of it.

but i'm still confused with my own question. i asked, the difference between formal language, and programming language.
they answered, formal language is used in such kind formal situation, and programming language is used to program the computer or machine.
then, what is the difference between formal language and standard language?

what I can think, it's based on my own thoughts, formal language is language that is used on the computer program, and programming language is language that is used to enter the command in the program...

it's complicated...
that's the way i think. please correct me, if i'm mistaken.

Thank You


mr bara ss said...

at the second meeting, we told about language, according to our schedule, we'll have presentation, but electricity was off,so we held without electricity.i think it was so interesting, especially for student who wants to study in linguistics, and it was so clear. because we also discuss it after presentation, i hope that i will follow and pass this subject well.amien,, thank sir

ikke_verlita said...

Hello MR. DEPE.....

Last meeting we talked about LANGUAGE,,,,

Actually, the group who presented this material has prepared their slides, but unfortunately, the electricity was off...It was very disturbing....But I give my two thumbs up for Epata and friends for presenting it very clearly, so that i can understand the material...They have done their best without slideshows, GREAT!!!

LAnguge is the way people communicate with other people using sounds, symbols and words in order to express their ideas.In Linguistic, we study about language which is produced by human..After the explaination from Epata's group and Mr DEPE, I have understood the functions, characteristics and kinds of language...

i want to give my comment to makna's posting: In my opinion, formal LAnguage is also used in computer, but not only in computer science, it is also used in other sciences like mathematic, chemist, biology, economy and soon. For instance in chemistry, if I'm not mistaken, "hidrogen dioksida or H2O" refers to "water"
And Programming Language is a part of Formal LAnguage which is used to control a machine...Both of them are not studied in Linguistic.

That's all for my weekly journal and thank you.........

Himawan_Hated said...


Well,basically i understand what was presented last week, but it wolud be better if the electricity weren't off.

I have one question, will language evolve?

Dhian_Widhi"NR07" said...

good morning Mr.DePe
yesterday was our third meeting in NonR linguistic class. there were two groups had presented about linguistic and language. I think the first group brought the presentation well and the second also, but the second group is rather make me confuse about what material that they presented.
do you give a mark in our presentation?or the presentation is only for opening before we start the lesson?

thanks sir

sai_online said...

hai mr depe ,hai all, here my comment......

well at the first meeting we came home earlier,Mr Depe just gave us rules of the game and he asked us to make a group,our class divided into 11 groups,each group have to present a topic .

At the second meeting first group presented the first topic,about "LANGUAGE" .Although group 1 got any troubles in presenting the topic but they presented the topic well.I have learned much,i have learned three means of language:
*language as :
1 langage:general meaning
2 langue:refers to certain language
3 parole:concrete utterance/written exprestion

And Mr Depe said in this semester we already learn about "Language as parole"

I know language is considered to be a system of communicating with other people using sounds,symbols,and words in expressing a meaning,ideas or thought.

I have learned any functions of language,characteristics of language,and kinds of language all of those was clearly presented by group 1 .Good job guys!

After discussing Mr Depe added any informations .He said that language as arbitrary means between the simple and the things are simbolized_preogrative_convenience about people and he also said that in the five kinds of language ,three of them can be understood by human,those are constructed language,international auxiliary languages,and controlled language.And the others can only be understood by machine,those are formal language and proggraming language.

Thats all for this two weeks journal

Matur Nuwun

See ya


Ramadan said...

i am still confused in studying about language, what should i do?

thank you sir,


Sartika_Dyan@NR'07 said...

morning sir,

last meeting we've presented our topic about linguistic in general.Did u still remember bout that sir?
most of students said " very well done for ur job!" for the FIRST discussion presented by Dika's group.
and what they said to the SECOND group to which i belong.
" Uh Uh, nice try but......and bla bla bla."
realizing our mistakes of presenting "non relevance" material, i just answered it by smiling...
~( wanna feel innocent all the time)~ he he...
let me explain bout the problem sir,
the real problem is, maybe it's because we've just presented the introduction of linguistic itself, NOT the main topic. so they felt confused about what we've been explaining about. Do you agree with my evaluation of my group's mistake sir?
then, particularly for me, because I've only one book for reference. It was Introduction to theoretical linguistic by JHON LYON. that actually still i read until the 15th of page, means only the history of linguistic that i've been mastering.
he he...I'm so honest...
Anyway, for all of u guys in our class,me as representative of the second group say, "please forgive us of making u confused..."

Thanks sir of hearing my SOUNDs of HEART...

Thiery "Daniel" Henry said...

Hello Mr. DePe

About the lesson last week (topic: language), Now I understand a view things about language. Now I understand about the real definition of language and the Characteristics of language. Before I got these lesson my opinion about language just the same just what described in the referenced book you had given to us last week; that language is just a communicational tool to communicate with the other people.

I have a question:
about the language is arbitrary, if there is no connection about the language(words) and the things described by the words, how people can ever think about that name? like an animal which have a sound meowww, can be called a cat by the people? from what approach did the people use?

Thank you.
Daniel N. / C0307001

Anonymous said...

dear sir... is new method of your teaching technique, because last two semester in same class,when I still 3rd semester, you thought with different method. I'm very surprised in the first meeting, but it's ok.

In the first meeting, we decided how many group that have to create.

We discussed about language in the second meeting. It was presented by Edwi's gruop. From the presentation I could get the the meaning of language, and the characteristics itself. But actually I still confuse because the explanation about language which was presented by group one is different that you thought to us last year. Maybe you can give a brief explanation again to us about the language, parole, langage.

I think enough,

thank you very much sir...
sorry sir, i use rizqi's account. i got problems in uploading this blog
hanif C0306004

hanif said...

dear sir... is new method of your teaching technique, because last two semester in same class,when I still 3rd semester, you thought with different method. I'm very surprised in the first meeting, but it's ok.

In the first meeting, we decided how many group that have to create.

We discussed about language in the second meeting. It was presented by Edwi's gruop. From the presentation I could get the the meaning of language, and the characteristics itself. But actually I still confuse because the explanation about language which was presented by group one is different that you thought to us last year. Maybe you can give a brief explanation again to us about the language, parole, langage.

I think enough,

thank you very much sir...

hanif C0306004

canticute said...

good afternoon sir...

last meeting we were discussing about language.i found out that it isn't as simple as i thought before.

here some notes i took after hearing your explanation:
language has several functions and characteristics.language is arbitrary and conventional means that although there is no relationship between symbol and word people in certain area follow the agreement that certain symbol represent certain word.language is also productive means with the limited letters we have we can make unlimited words.language is dynamic means it develops continuously in advance.

well,i think that's all...
thank you..


the hurricane dodik said...

hello mr dp,
in first presentation, i got fresh knowledge about the linguistic. it is very helpful for me to learn more about it. thanks to my friend in group 1. here, i wanna to ask some questions:
1. do all language in this world have the characteristics mentioned in the first presentation?
2. what is the universal language? i think it is also the kind of language?

thank you sir

H4N4_07 said...

Good morning Sir...

Huh.. It was so difficult to make new blogger, but thanks God I can finally do it after trying so many times.

It was nice to join your class. I hope it will be a nice subject to learn, and you're gonna give me "A" in the end of semester. He,,He,,

TiK@SasIngA-C13_21 said...

Hello Mr.DP,

Thank to God that finally my blog has created. So I can start post my comment.
At the 2nd meeting,Honestly it was hard for me to understand what the two groups had presented.May be because They used their speaking style that I could not understand well.But after you explained with your simple language and clear examples,finally I could understand what the materials of presentation about.

Thank You. . .

arch_evo said...

good afternoon,,
last week we discussed about the language,the system of language, the definition, characteristic etc

and the first group have explained their presentation about language.
unfortunatly, the electricities were off. . so i couldn't fully understand about the presentation
perhaps i can borrow your book for more information

thanks a lot

Rossa YPMP said...

hi sir..
it is the first time i know about linguistic..
after following the class, i enjoyed it and i like the way you teach, it made me understand the material..
i hope i get a good mark in this subject, although i have already known it..
thank you..

Anonymous said...

morning sir....
well,I thought I've entered the wrong room.I posted my comment for this forum to "welcoming" forum. So, I'll just copy it.Is it ok?

second meeting...
Our morning class was shocked by an uninvited trouble,,,that was the electricity was off.What made it so bad because today we had a first presentation of language from the first group...actually I was happy because I thought you would ask us to go home(hahaha...just kidding sir), but the show must go on,first group present their topic without slide(unlucky).I think it would be more fun if they could present their slide, but 1st group did their task well.

That day...I learned about language. it was interesting.Language has many different kind,functions,and characteristic. Examples can make me understand more about the explanation.

I hope next topics will be interesting too, but it seems complicated.hehehe...

Thank you..._SAFITRI B P_C0306061

pu_chan candra said...

good morning sir,
i'm so sorry for my being late posting in this site..

oh well,i have to be honest..
actually, i didn't get the information 'bout this topic well.

actually,what is the most important thing that we have know about language?
and how to make studying linguistics become easier?

thx sir..

eka_agustina said...

good afternoon sir..
Last tuesday we have discussed about the language and linguistics.
i would like to ask you, what do the barking of dogs, the meowing of cats and the singing of birds have in common with human language?
what are some of the basic differences?

thank you sir..

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir...

Language...over and over again about language Sir!hihihi...Our lives can't release from language. I even can't escape from language Sir. So it's very important to study more and more about language..include the definition, the branch, the use of language.
In the second meeting was so cool. I really enjoy the presentation class about language though the electricity was off...huh....
I clearly understand either your explanation or Ephata's group's.

but I definitely need more study about the Third meeting's topic. Because I badly didn't understand when Adi's group explain about branch of language, diachronic, terminology, language is a science and etc. what made me difficult to understand was that there weren't any clear explanation in their group. but when u explained more in front of the class I little bit could catch the matery that day...

I still need more references. do you have any suggestions about other good references of introduction of linguistic's book?

inda said...

Good Afternoon, Mr. Agus...

Here, I would like to explain my experience in learning Linguistic. It is the first time I learn Linguistic. From this, I can study about many types of language. For example, Javanese and English are combined in short conversation,sometimes Indonesia, Arabic, and English.

Well, I hope in this semester I can be better, expecially in your class. By the way Sir, I need some information from you about Semantic..

Thank you

Oscar said...

Good Day Mr Depe..

Thanks For let me joining this blog..
Wow this is nice way to share about shy, no scared,
I hope I can pass your class this semester..hehehe

just keep your teaching style mr make us interest and feel close to share with you.

viva mr DEpe..keep Rock'n'roll


wisnukurnia said...

hellow sir,,,
Today,,i'm so glad because I get a new experience,I can make a blogspot ,but firstly is very confious to me
Last week is my first time i know about linguistics.
Sometime,,I don't think that so many language can engage to expretion something.
We can't imagine,if we don't have a language,we will not tell something.
I realize a language is very important to our life.
But,,,I ask to my self "how hid the language create?And why there is many kind of language,because sometime I'm confiuse every regional has different language??

thank you sirr,,
I'm sorry if any mistake in my letter

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir…

I apologize for my first posting now…

Language… We have learnt its functions, characteristics, and kind of language. We also have known some examples of language as langue, langage, and parole.

But I’m still confuse with the meaning of ‘diglosia’. You have written it in the board, Sir… Should we learn about it? But the first group of presentation hasn’t explained it before ^_^

Thank you

Helmi Fatmarian

tevie_07052 said...

gud night sir...
im sorry for my being late...

in our 2nd meeting,we talked about anguage..
what language is;differentiate between,langue,langage,and parole;characteristic of language;kind of language
last week,we discussed about linguistics...
branches of lingustics,linguistics as a science...
but i dont understand about terminology of linguistic..


sophie said...

im so sorry for being late to join to your blog..
i coul understand enough about the 1st topic..,moreover from your explanation..
but i,frankly,still confuse with the 2nd material,especially diachronic and synchronic linguistics..
i guess i need more info...
thx so much

Lastika Ary said...
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Lastika Ary said...

Morning sir,

I am sorry, if my posting is too late sir.
In last meeting, i lern many of meaning language by famous people such Sapire, Bloch & Trager, Hall Chomsky and Kridalaksana.
From Kridalaksana presentation i learn that language are abritary, productive, unique and universal.
I am also learn about the branch of study linguistics.
I think it's all that i can posting about our last meeting.
Sir, may i copy your presentation file that you had presented last week, because i am missing some of your summary.

thank you sir, Assalamualaikum

edwi said...

good day sir,
I do apologize sir that my post was late. I am one of the member has presented the first topic last week.
and then I want to know more about the differences between language is conventional vs language is arbitrary
once again sir,
your methods for teaching is cool sirrrrr....

thanks a lot


Muhammad said...

Afternoon Sir,

Language is complicated one. Its so interesting to learn this. But, I still confuse about linguistik. Will language develope to be more complex???

Umi 07 said...

Good afternoon Mr.DP,
Iam so sorry because my posting was too late.
the first meeting you have given us a copy about LANGUAGE.Before reading your material, I think language is only a media for human to communicate with the other,but, factually also has:
1. 4 functoins
2. 12 characteristics
3. 5 kinds of language
altough only one word " BAHASA" it has different meaning.the object of linguistic study are:
1. langage = language in general
2. langue = certain language
3. parole = concerate with utterance/written expression
I think discussing about language is very complicated. Ithink thats all for my weekly journal. thanks for your attention and see you next time...

Umi Wakhidah C0307056

venusdemillo said...

Mr. Agus, this is my opinion about third group presentation. It was brief presentation.

Brief /bri:f/
b ; voiced, plosive, bilabial
r ; voiced, approximant, palato-alveolar,
i: ; high, front, spreading
f ; unvoiced, fricative, labio-dental

mustiko said...

afternoon sir,

i want to know what is the topic for the fourth meeting??

adhist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
adhist said...

morning sir..
I'm sorry I'm late for giving my assignment.
After hearing epata's group presentation and your explanation, I realize that language is complicated enough, and it has several functions outside my knowledge in language itself.
Well, I still confuse with the meaning of interference (The question in your quiz. Is that any correlation with language?

Adystya Imawahyu

Sheena_Piaz said...

Hi Mr.DP
i gues its more effective to learn from what you said or by your method because chaers description i so complicated,has very long explanation so the main purpose wasnt clear anymore.
well thats all my comment,thanks

Unknown said...

Hi. Can anyone help me with my assignment please...
Here is the question:
What do the barking of dogs, the meowing of cats and the singing of birds have in common with human language? What are some of the basic differences?
my email address:

Bishara Adam said...

What do the barking of dogs have in common with human language?