Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hi all,

This is the blog I told you in class. As I mentioned, you are supposed to post your reflective journal in this blog. That covers how much you understand the materials discussed in the classroom. In other words, you are expected to write your own version of the classroom discussion topics. Alternatively, you can also post a question here so that you will get the prompt answer from your friends. If you don't understand the material at all, then simply just share your problem here.

Looking forward to reading your comments.



Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Depe...
I was very surprise to know you use blog as the media for your subject. It's cool...hehe. I joined your linguistic class today but I haven't get any idea about linguistic. I hope it's not as scary as I thought, but you have asked us to make a presentation. I hope we can do it well and I do hope that you will not give us many tasks to do...hehehe
Must we write a comment of your class once week?

Thank you...wish you all the best Mr. Depe

(Safitri Bonea P)

AGUS DEPE said...


Well, I know that many people have blogs. That's why we are trying to use this as a learning media.

Linguistics is just fun. In our class, we will learn about language and the science that takes language as the object of study, that is linguistics. Nothing's scary.

Yes. Once a week posting is good, twice a week is okay, too. :)

makna_______heiwa said...

Good Evening, sir...

I've learned some linguistic topics from my mother, actually....
The way she explained it to me wasn't very clear, so I think it's difficult, but we will never know till we learn.

I got semantics topic for presentation in about November.
I hope I will do well...

If I do it excitedly, everything will bode well...

thank you....


SaRtika_NR'07 said...

This is not the first time i do hear about linguistics, but still I feel nervous. I don't know why...
I don't know whether that's because of you or because of something else...OMG...
I've cold desease, thinking bout the first meeting next week..
please sir make the lecture easy for me...+_+

SepTiaN_s.iNg2007 said...

heLLuw Mr.agUs dePhe...
i aM sePtian FrOm english deVelopmeNt 2007....

Mr DePhe,
i wiLL be good better than Yesterday...

the hurricane dodik said...

hello mr depe,
first of all, i like the way of yourb teaching. i hope in this blogspot you also give the common explanation about about your mk, or anyhting useful that help us learn emglish easily so we can learn it everytime, evryshere we cam. We hope our study will be more effective.
thanks (dodik 07)

chiyo_akemi said...

Good afternoon sir..
Finally,i get linguistic subject..I always hear about it.The upper semester always said that linguistic is difficult and there's a lot of task have to do.
I thanks God that you will be my lecture for this subject,because i belive you will give all the explanation in simple and understandable way.So for student like me who take more time to get the idea for the material will be not left behind.
Thx sir
I'll ready for this..

ayu_nurwati said...

Good Morning Mr.Depe
I was very surprise when I know that many student of upper class failed in linguistic class. I am very afraid about it. What is the reason they failed? Linguistic is very difficult. Is it true?
How to solve the problem?

(Ayu Nurwati)

nu2ng_S.Ing'07 said...

Good morning Mr. Depe
"woww.."that word that i and most of my friends said when we attended Linguistic class yesterday...
yes,, I wonder,,,how come so many upper semester students did not passed Linguistic subject..
honestly i am worried if that happen to me,,,
Mr.Depe, would you like to tell us, how to understand your Linguistic material easily?is there any special method?hehe...
have a nice day

AGUS DEPE said...

Hi all,

To Makna: good on you to have a "linguistic" Mom. Warm regards for her.

To Sartika: take it easy. Now, I've got flue, too. I have a bad runny nose. But it's not about the first presentation, right?

To Septian: I know you're a good boy. What do you mean with "English Development"? or Department? :-)

To Dodik: waiting for your next great ideas.

To Chiyo (real name..?): No thing to worry about. With Depe, everything is easy.

To Ayu n Nu2ng: First, that because actually we have three classes combined into one. They were actually in the different class last year, now they have to join our class.
Why so many? You'd better ask them these questions:
1. Did they do all the assignments well?
2. Did they get good mark for the exams?
3. Did they join the class seriously?
4. Did I give assignments that I'd never explained before?
5. Did I give exams of what I'd never explained before?

If the answers for all the 5 questions are 'YES', then you need to worry about me. ha..ha..

Let's wait for the responses from them...

Sheena_Piaz said...

Good Evening Mr.DP
You said that we can use our free mind to understand about lang&linguistic,but how about the exams later? can we answer your question based on our mind?or it has to follow your explanation?please tell me so i will pass this lesson well.Thank you

ikke_verlita said...

Dear Mr. DEPE...
Well ... sorry that I'm late to make my weekly journal... Actually, I have tried to open this blog...but unfortunately, i type the wrong blog address... hehehe.... I have just realized it a couple minutes ago...

Linguistic...I dont have any idea about this lecture... when i read our syllabus, I surprised and a little bit confused about the material... I dont know what is Morphology, Pragmatic, SosioLinguistic, Syntax and soon... But it makes me want to study more about it...

I also love the way you teach us...you asks the students to make a presentation first, then you explain the material later on.. It makes us to read and study the material first before the meeting ( i hope that I will do it every meeting, hehehe..)
But, how if we give a wrong explanation when we presents the material? As Linguistic is something new for us...

Finally, I hope that I will enjoy Linguistic and understand it well....

thank you Mr. DEPE...


AGUS DEPE said...

To Indang: Wait until you join the first (or second) presentation, and you will have the answer for your question. This should a part of our discussion.

To Ikke:Finally you come here, after wandering around, huh?
You'll never know that you can do something until you really do it. Mistake is not a big deal. That's why we have to READ more. Looking forward to your presentation...

nia_89 said...

hii...Mr. Depe..
actually,this is my first time that i'm taught by you. ehm....this is also my first time to do reflective journal by blog.hehehe...
it's fun..

When I had linguistic class,actually, I didn't know about that..but this morning,I began to understand about language. Firstly,there were some technical problems on the electricity but the presentation (like what you asked to us in the first time we met...hehehe) must be go on so...we learn about language.
The important point of language is that language has 12 characteristics.

Actually,I like your teaching style. I could understand your explanation about language by giving some examples. It really help me to understand the topic =)

On the 8th week, my group will present about semantics. I hope, we can do the best and explain about semantics to the class well.
Keep on fire!!

~(kArEn yUniA)~

Anonymous said...

Hello sir,,this is my second comment,,is this the right forum for the second meeting or will you make another forum?

Our morning class was shocked by an uninvited trouble,,,that was the electricity was off.What made it so bad because today we had a first presentation of language from the first group...actually I was happy because I though you would ask us to go home(hahaha...just kidding sir), but the show must go on,first group present their topic without slide(unlucky).I think it would be more fun if they could present their slide, but 1st group did their task well.

Today...I learned about language. it was interesting.Language has many different kind,functions,and characteristic. Examples can make me understand more about the explanation.

I hope next topics will be interesting too, but it seems complicated.hehehe...

Thank you..._SAFITRI B P_C0306061

hehehe said...

Hi Mr. Agus DEPE..
Great to know your blog..,
I am Aditya Wahyu Irawan from english development 2007,..
I'm so sorry when my grammar n spelling is bad but i'm still study for it.
I'll be better for your class mr.DEPE because i'm so glad to follow u'r lesson..
Can i ask for something mr.DEPE..??
Are you like a music..??the beatles,queen, or etc...
because i heard you singing it's a lonely or what...i'm sorry i forgotten..
But very nice to know u mr. DEPE..
I will be good n kind in your class..

[aditya w.i]

Anonymous said...

hello Sir..good day

I'm sorry for my being late to give my weekly journal in your blog...

wow...actually I've never had a real blog Sir. I just have it in my friendster

Talking about your subject, well its quite important for me Sir as I'm an English Department student. Actually I need to know more about Linguistic by reading the books which You've recommended in the syllabus paper, but I always unlucky to get it from ILC..God!!!hiks..
So I just have the Indonesian version which I've copied before.

Actually my group of presentation get the topic about syntax. well I still don't understand well about syntax. I need more reference from book especially, Sir. or If you are eager to tell us little about syntax next time Sir...
Would you?

asfaria_tsuki said...

assalamu'alaykum Mr.Depe
I've read from a book about Linguistic, it's very difficult to study by myself.and about the non Regular class, how could so many seniors repeat this class?is it so difficult subject? I hope you can make it so easy to understand.so we will not repeat this subject as our seniors.
thank you for reading this comment...
C U in night class
n.b : don't be the "expensive" teacher in giving us good mark^-^

nu2ng_S.Ing'07 said...

Thanks for your answer Mr. DEPE
i hope, i & my friends will do better than what upper students done hehe
and,,,i'll try to enjoy ur class....think that Mr.Depe's class is fun...So i can easily understand your material..
sorry,,for my broken english,,i'll keep trying...
I hope that i can do the best on my presentation next week...
have a nice day...

Sheena_Piaz said...

Hi Mr.DP!
thanks for your answer on sept 11 ago,can we have the copy of your presentation 'cause it's more interesting than the copy that you gave me before?thank you

Sheena_Piaz said...

Hi.Mr DP
thanks for you answer,can i or our class have a copy or somethin else from your presentation yesterday? because what you did is more interesting than the copy that you gave to us few times ago as the first material of Lang & Ling.so What do you think?
Thank you

mega said...

i'm mega from class A
i sent my assignment that you give today in linguistic class
my comment word is
FINE = [faɪn]
f -> labiodental,fricative sound
a -> front wide vowel,voiceless sound
ɪ -> Lateral,voiceless sound
n -> labiodental,voiceless

i don't know is that true or false sir?i'm totally doubt
i just try to do that by my self. if i've mistakes, please help me to explain the right one sir..thank you so much

Neti said...

Hello Mr.Agus DP

I'm Neti from class A. I send my assignment which you gave in linguistic class.

My comment about linguistic class is:

FUN:[fʌn] [f]:Consonant:Labiodental:fricative sound
[ʌ]:vowel:Nasal sound
[n]:Consonant:Alveolar:Nasal sound

I'm not sure my explanation is right or false.
Thank for your attention.

ENGLISH4US said...

good morning mr.depe
well, i hope success to send my comment to your blog because many times i've tried but unfortunatelly there is a problem with my e mail.
i just want to understand linguistic well and also i can do the test that u'll give for us.
i think, in this semester we have so many assignments not only from linguistic but almoust subjects.
but so far is so good, i hope u'll not give difficult test.
( Umi Dwi Lestari)

ENGLISH4US said...

hello Mr depe
i wanna ask u. what kind of quiz test that u will give for us? oral or written?
thanks for your answer.
umi dwi lestari, class A C1307023

speechless_saint said...

eah, it's my first comment after 3rd presentation. (I know it was very very late, Mr. DP - sorry 4 that).
Firstly, I thought PLU will be very difficult subject since many students from upper semester failed in this subject. and that made our second meeting on September 9, 2008 evening looks like a crowded market rather than a serious class. Thank God, we've been divided into two class.
Then, you explain to us that the topic will be general and include examples from not only English, but also bahasa Indonesia and sometimes Basa Jawa. I hope I will be easier to understand by comparing those examples.
Happy holiday, Mr. DP.

(dhika ... nonreg07)

Mas Hanif Genang Setyaji said...

dear Mr. Agus DP

In the last meeting we have learned about Language and Linguistic from the presenter. Including Language and society, Language variety, bilingualism and diglosia. The presenter also told us about language that it is systematic and systematic, system of symbol, system of sound and many more.

Beside that all, you taught me about Linguistic is a science or not. We have discussed some dichotomies in linguistic, about four items. Such us :
Descriptive vs Prescriptive
Synchronic vs Diachronic
Theoretical vs Applied Lingusitics
And the last
Macro vs Microlingustics

From your clear explanation, I InsyaAllah understand about what you mean. Next time I hope you prepare your own explanation or presentation to make us clear about the material.

Thank you very much sir…

Hanif G. S.

irma_buffz said...

good morning Mr.DEPE.....

Last meeting we talked about phonetics.
At the first,I think it was very difficult to understand the material.
But in the end of the presentation,you gave us your explanation that could make me easier to understand.
Articulatory phonetics is the study about how sounds is being produced.
Accoustic phonetics learns about the amplitude.
Auditory phonetics learns about how sounds received by the inner ears.
You also gave us explanation about the speech organ of human,about vowel, and about diphtong.
You gave us examples how to say [u] and [i].

Thank you,Mr.DEPE.....

Irma Nurjanah

ENGLISH4US said...

sir, this is my comment 'bot presentation from umi's group.
(K) : Voiceless velar plosive
(L) : Voiced alveolar lateral
(IE) : Falling diphthong
(R) : voiced palate alveolar approximate
and I hope my answer is correct. thank u.

english 4us said...

sir this is my comment 'bot presentation from umi's group.
CLEAR : (K) (L) (I) ((IE) (R)
(K) : voiceless velar plosive
(L) : voiced alveolar lateral
(IE) : falling diphthong
(R) : voiced palato alveolar approximate.
I hope my answer is correct.thanks sir.
(umi dwi lestari-c1307023-class A)

tino_cool said...

hello mr. depe..
Last week was my first presentation. But it wasn't like what i expected before. We lost electricity, but we must go on.
Well, actually i still not getting understand with the material about phonetics.
Thank u, sir..Oh ya, happy idul fitri. I'd like to say sorry for all my attitudes that may not accepted. Minal aidin wal faidzin...

tino_cool said...

Ups, sorry..I forgot to write my id.

Tino Aditia

venusdemillo said...

Mr. Agus, this is the clue that i catch from 3rd group presentation. It was brief presentation.

Brief /bri:f/

b ; voiced,plosive, bilabial
r ; voiced, approximant, palato-alveolar
i: ; high, front, spreading
f ; unvoiced, fricative, labio-dental

Kezia Kustina Indira (C1307013)

sophie said...


last meeting we discussed about phonetics...

firstly i didn't understand what it is but ..because i had to present it..so i tried to learned it and finally i could do my job..

and your explanation helped me much...

thanks so much...

Nouvy_Nd@ said...

Hay Mr DEPE,how r u doing?
Happy Idul Fitri days.Well,i have a duty that u gave to us before lebaran days. Mr Depe I'm little bit confuse about those duty.But i try to make and sent to u, although maybe many mistake at there,so i;m sorry.Btw,I think 4 linguistic lesson similarly with Pronunciation,So It easy 4 me to learn about that.
This is my duty Mr Depe :
Sun Shine : (s),(Λ),(n),(∫),(l),(n)
(s) :fricative, alveolar, voiceless
(Λ):vowel: nasal sound
(n):nasal, alveolar, voice


Novinda Wahyu Hapsari
sasing nonreg

yaSinTa said...

gUd evening Mr.DP

hmm..this is my first comment for Linguistic Lesson...
I'm very gLad join your cLass..

to the point...this is my comment for Linguistic assignment that you have given to us Last tuesday....


K = voiceLess, veLar, pLosive
ae = neutraL, front, Low
m = nasaL, biLabiaL, pLosive
e = unrounded, mid, centraL
r = thriLL, mid, centraL
e = unvoiced, mid, centraL

teLL me if i made mistake,Sir...

Yasinta D.N/C1307065

ratih_55 said...

hi,, sir..

this is ratih from english department..

nice to meet u again..


[ ratih ]

ratih_55 said...

hi,,mR.dePe ..

i just wanna sAy goOd afternOon.

today, wE will mEet aT ur linGuistic Class.sO, i muSt alreadY wiTh it ..


rizQ said...

hi,,mR.dePe ..

i just wanna sAy goOd afternOon.

today, wE will mEet aT ur linGuistic Class.sO, i muSt alreadY wiTh it ..


rizQ said...


h= voiceless, fricatives, glottal
= open, back, rounded
l= voiced, leteral, alveolar
= mid, central, unrounded
e= middle, front, rounded
I= low, front, rounded

[ rizQi_07 ]

ratih_55 said...

this is my first task;


[ t ] = voiceless, plosive, alveolar
[ e ] = middle, front, rounded
[ l ] = voiced, lateral, alveolar
[ e ] = middle, front,rounded
[ v ] = voiced, fricative, labio-dental
[ I ] = low, front, rounded
[  ] = voiced, fricative, palatal
[ n ] = voiced, nasal, alveolar

[ ratih_'07 ]

Who Am I??? said...

LaM LEi KuM Mr.DP...

fiRsT,I WaNNa Say 'TaQobbaLaLLaaHu MinnA wA MinkuM' hAppY IeDuL FiTRi 1429 H. Hope Ur LebARAn CelebRatiOn wAs cHeeRFuL, AmiEN...

emm..abOuT JiRyan CS preseNtaTioN in thE LasT meeTing WaS iNtEResTing..

i => high,front,unrounded
n => voiced,nasal,alveolar
t => voiceless,plosive,alveolar
r => trill,central,mid
i => high,front,unrounded
s => voiceless,fricative,alveolar
t => voiceless,plosive,alveolar
i => high,front,unrounded
ŋ=> voice,velar,nasal

I thiNg tHat's aLL frOm me, if there's aNy MisTaKEn, I'LL be HaPPy if yoU reVise it.
ThAnK yOu VeRy Very mUch MisTeR..Cu at CamPuZ.. bubbye...mUACh

NoW, I'vE Got to SleEp..Coz, My Bed is CaLLinG my NamE 'LudMi comE oN sLEepinG'

S1.Non Reg English Department

ola... said...

ola sir...
happy idul fitri...
this is your assignment...
n : voiced,nasal,alveolar
a : high,front,rounded
i : high,front,unrounded
s : voiceless,fricative,velar
jiryan isfahani

ola... said...

LaM LEi KuM Mr.DP...

fiRsT,I WaNNa Say 'TaQobbaLaLLaaHu MinnA wA MinkuM' hAppY IeDuL FiTRi 1429 H. Hope Ur LebARAn CelebRatiOn wAs cHeeRFuL, AmiEN...

emm..abOuT JiRyan CS preseNtaTioN in thE LasT meeTing WaS


i => high,front,unrounded
n => voiced,nasal,alveolar
t => voiceless,plosive,alveolar
r => trill,central,mid
i => high,front,unrounded
s => voiceless,fricative,alveolar
t => voiceless,plosive,alveolar
i => high,front,unrounded
ŋ=> voice,velar,nasal

I thiNg tHat's aLL frOm me, if there's aNy MisTaKEn, I'LL be HaPPy if yoU reVise it.
ThAnK yOu VeRy Very mUch MisTeR..Cu at CamPuZ.. bubbye...mUACh

NoW, I'vE Got to SleEp..Coz, My Bed is CaLLinG my NamE 'LudMi comE oN sLEepinG'

S1.Non Reg English Department

happy lebaran day.. said...

Good to c u sir...here is ur assignment


f : voiceless, fricative, labiodental
ǽ : front, low, rounded
n : voiced, nasal, alveolar
t : voiceless, plossive, alveolar
ǽ : front, low, rounded
s : voiceless, fricative, alveolar
t : voiceless, plossive, alveolar
I : front, low, unrounded
k : voiceless, stop, velar

(Y. Agung Kurniawan)
Sasing NonReg '06

gunzgunz said...

hi .. mr.Depe
this is ur assignment about comment of jiryan's group .

GREAT / greit /

g : voiced, velar, stop
r : trill, central, mid
e : middle, front, rounded
i : high, front, unrounded
t : voiceless, plosive, alveolar

sasing nonReg '06

tevie_07052 said...

last meeting we discussed about phonetics...
we talked about 3 types of phonetics...
articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics n auditory phonetics...

stevia m.a

yuni said...

hello sir...
First of all, i'm sorry for being late in posting my weekly journal for your subject.
Yaa...actually i've tried to do it but i always failed.Hehm...perhaps it because of my mistake when i did it.hiks...
LInguistic?what is it...?
In the beginning of your class,i didn't know what linguistic is.but after i joined your class,i've gotten it.i know that phonetic is a subsystem of linguistic and i think articulation is the most important one that we have to learn rather than acustic and auditory.
ehm...i thnk we more concern on learning linguistic in micro rather than the macro one.Or..is it necesarry for us to learn the macro one,too?well...it's enough for now.
Thank you
(yuni hastuti C0307059)

rini_'07 said...

Good Morning Mr.DEPE...
I would like to coment mygroup is kaind.
kaind: [k]= voiceless, plosive, velar
[a]= low, front, rounded
[I]= high, front, unrounded
[n]=voiceless, nasal, alveolar
[d]=voiced, stop, dental
I wish my answer is corect.


Arini Hidayah

u_my said...

hello Mr. DePe
i changed my blogger. well...i have dificulty to understand how articulators are configured to produced the sounds? and also about place and manner of articulation.

thanks for your answer.

umi dwi l ( C1307023 )

rini_'07 said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb
Good Evening.......

You said that you would give the list of the students who were not feiled in the exam on Tuesday.

You will give the list on wednesday.
In fact,you didn't give to us the list today, cz I have looked for on this blog and there isn't the list.

We are waiting for the list.

When will we get the list, Sir????

Thanks b4. ^_^

God bless you.

Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb

Arini Hidayah
E.D.Non Regular III A

Henokh'z_backboners said...

i'm henokh'z

I couldn't do the quizz.

the question was very difficult to me...

how about you mr dhepe???