Monday, November 24, 2008

Word Formation

Well, we have discussed morphemes. Now, let's discuss how words are created or formed.

As what we have been learning, AFFIXATION is one way of creating new words. Some other ways includes the following.


    This is done by combining two words into one. Example: fire engine; school bus.


    This is like compounding, but some elements of the original words are missing. Example:

  • motor + hotel = motel
  • smoke + fog = smog

    This is done by cutting some elements of the words to make shorter words. Example

  • Facsimile = Fax
  • Professor = Prof
  • Automobile = auto

    Acronym is a combination of the initial letters or sounds of some words to make a new word. Examples:



    This is done by taking a word from a class of words into another class of words. Example

    1. I need to drink. I am thirsty.
    2. Please have a drink.


    This is done by taking some proper names as words. Example:

  • KODAK for a camera
  • HONDA for a motorcycle
  • SANYO for a water pump

(These are common in Indonesia)


Now, look around. Look at the banners, billboards, back of the buses or trucks. They use many words. Try to identify the morphological process that happens to those words.


yuni said...

well....actually our task is very interesting.I've some words.
here these are:
3.Blends:modem(modulator demodulator)
diklat(pendidikan kilat)
proker(program kerja)
5.Conversion:mock-I want to mock u
shock-don't shock me
8.Ephonym:rinso as detergent

well...that's what i have.
Please correct it if u find any mistake!!
thanks_yuni hastuti C0307059

canticute said...

good afternoon sir...

as you had us find some examples of blending words, here are some words that i've foun so far:
1.soundrenalin = sound + adrenalin
2.petronas = petrolium + nasional
3.yamalube = yamaha + lubrican
4.cinemags = cinema + magazines = federal + express
6.pertamax = pertamina + maximum
7.NGage = Nokia + engage
8.Telkomsel = telekomunikasi + seluler

well,i know the last one is in bahasa indonesia cz i can't find any other blending word sir...

i have another confession sir...
those words aren't in the advertising board along my way home
but believe me sir,i've tried to find on it but i cudn't...

i hope you have no problem with that...

thank you...

see you in class...


Agus D. Priyanto said...


Yuni: Could you please explain why lawyer and supplier are examples of backformation? Also salamie and indomie.. why do you call them a compound?

Canti: Can you find some other words with other morphological processes? All you mention here are examples of blending. You can take any example from any language, NOT NECESSARILY ENGLISH. Bahasa Indonesia or Basa Jawa is OK too.

sai_online said...

hi sir
here i have some words
Blends :warnet(warung internet), diksar(pendidikan dasar).

Acronym :ATW, SMP, SMA, SD, MA

Clipping :test, resto .

well that some words that i have found ,im sorry if there is a mistake in identifying the words ,thank you

Syaiful c0307053

tino_cool said...

sir, i've gotten the blending words you asked last meeting.
here they are..
slimsation: gudang garam slim+sensation
cerebrovit: cerebro+vitamin


Well,that's all i got.
tino aditia c0307055

irma_buffz said...

good evening,sir....
here are some words that I've found:

1. McDelivery = McD+Delivery Service:blending

2. Slimsation = Slim+Sensation : blending

3. Black Motodify = Djarum Black + Motor + Modification : blending

4. Indiefest = indie + festival : blending

5. SATLANTAS = Satuan Lalu Lintas : acronym

6. Warkop = Warung Kopi : acronym

I think that's all I have.

Thank you,sir....

Irma Nurjanah

Dhika Amator Deus said...

Dear Mr. DP
Last day, I walked around in part of Slamet Riyadi citywalk and PB Soedirman, and I found some words that appertain in compound and blending words,
here they are:
Balaikota : Balai + kota
Rumah Sakit : Rumah + sakit
Wartel : Warung + telepon
Warnet : Warung + internet
GALABO : Gladag + Langen +
Puskesmas : Pusat + kesehatan +
I-ring : Indosat + ring
G-net : Google + Internet

it's all I have, Thanks...
See you in class...
Shantika Wijaya C0307051

it's me Gadizzz said...

Sir, I've tried to found words that has morphological proccess:
1. Slimsation=slim+sensation
2. Telkomsel=telekomunikasi+selular
3. digicam=digital+camera
4. motocross=motor+cross
5. autospeed=automatic+speed
6. trashion=trash+fashion
7. ABRI as acronym
8. Pronun as clipping

Sorry sir if I have mistakes. Thank you...

Gadis Nur H
C 0307027

makna said...

Afternoon, sir.....

Its not easy to find the task u've given to us.
I'm not able to find 8 in the billboard only.
Well, but i find some,.....

Here are them:
1. Acronym:RPG-Role Playing Game. Found it in banner in front of game online cafe.
2. Clipping: pro-professinal.
Found it in the billboard in front of internet cafe.
3. Blend:
a. Animonster:anime+monster.
Found it in the advertisement in a magazine.
b. Bioweapon:biologhcal+weapon.
Found it in the movie advertisement.
4. Eponym:rinso as detergent. Found it in the daily lives.
5. Compoud: band aid-found it in the banner about hansaplast
6. Conversion:
-i want the record of the listening task copied.
-my mum tries to record the professor's speech....
This last one, i created it by myself.
Is it okay?
I hope so, sir.

Well, i think that's all.
Correct me, id i'm wrong.
Thank you

sophie said...

good day.....
Here are several words that i've found sir....

-TOEFL : Test of English as a Foreign Language(Acronym)
-Xpression :Xmild+Expression (Blends)
-Kidshop: Kid+shop (compounding)
-Wartel : Warung Telekomunikasi (Blends)
-BRI : Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Acronym)
-Telkomsel : Telekomunikasi Seluler (Blends)
-KFC : Kentucky Fried Chicken (Acronym)
-Tebs : Teh bersoda (Blends)

please check it out sir....

Shofi, C0307006

Anonymous said...
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tevie_07052 said...

good afternoon,sir...
these are my words that i've found...
- Slimsation = Slim + sensation (blends)
- Musikindo = musik + Indonesia (blends)
- AVA = Angels and Airwaves (Acronym)
- FDi = Fujifilm Digital (Acronym)
- TBS = Taman Budaya Surakarta (Acronym)
- CFC = Centucky Fried Chicken (Acronym)
- AchindoNet = Achindo Internet (Blends)
- EF = English First (Acronym)
- AQUA as mineral water (eponym)



Anonymous said...

good afternoon, sir, ,

here are some words which have morphological process which i've found. .

- telkom (telekomunikasi)
- tesa (teater sastra)
- nusa (nugraha saputra)
- pemkot (pemerintah kota)
-slimsation(slim sensation)
- MIPA (Matematika danIlmu Pengetahuan Alam)
- SIEM (Solo International Ethnic Music)
- balaikambang (balai + kambang)

well, those are the words that i've found. i'm sorry if there is a mistake. .

thx. . .


umi said...

good evening Sir,
actually I have found some of the task but it is an indonesian term.
here they are:
1. compuonding
flash disk, disk drive,
toothbrush, toothpaste, hangout,
(found in supermarket)
2. blending
(found in UNS university)
3. clipping
a. aronym
I pack my equipments.
She has got book pack.
the others are:color, export, import.
c. eponyim
kijang for car
gudang garam for cigarrete
pepsodent for toothpaste
thats what I have found.Ihope it will be true, but if there are a lot of mistake, I will be very happy if you correct it. thanks you very much...!

umi wakhidah

ikasyalala said...

good afternoon, Sir...

here some words that i've found ..

1. lodjigandrung + lodji + gandrung
2. workshop = work + shop

1. warnet = warung internet
2. depag = departemen agama
3. pemda = pemerintah daerah

1. ISI = Institut Seni Indonesia
2. FISIP = Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik
3. V-Net = Venus Internet

i think that's all, Sir
and im sorry if there are some mistakes.


Ika Mauliana A

chiyo_akemi said...

1. AutoTech: automatic technology->Blending
2. Magig Snow Wash -> compounding
3. Aqua->Eponym
4. SINUS(Sinar Nusantara) ->Acronym
5. E-Book(Eletronic Book)->Blending
6.Rusun(Rumah Susun)->Acronym
7.X-MILD(Extra Mild)->
8. G-MAIL (Google Mail)->BLending
9. INTERNET(Indomie Telor Kornet)->Acronym
10. I-SAT(Indosat Satelite)->Blending

Thiery "Daniel" Henry said...

Hi Sir!
This is my homework results.
1.Pok-we= Njipuk + dewe (in front of UNS)
2.BI= bank Indonesia(near Slamet Riyadi statute)ciowowo
3.shing-shae= shing + shae (in karanganyar)
4.Cliping= info from information (in my mind)
About the other morphological processes I can't find it, sorry.
Daniel N. C0307001

ikke_verlita said...

Hi Sir,,,,
here is the words that i've found. But I found it not only on the way home, but also on the internet, megazine, tv and soon

- kereta api
- kursi roda
- white house
- nescafe : nestle + cafe
- cerpen : cerita + pendek
- phone : telephone
- IDI : Ikatan Dokter Indonesia
- Distro : Distributor Outlet
- I watch TV
- I buy a new watch
(watch no 1 and 2 is different)
- Odol : tooth paste

care-ren said...

hey,Mr Depe...
i found some name or brand that can be included in the process of morphology:

1. komsel (blends) = komunikasi + selular
2. starmild (compounding) = star + mild
3. laundry kilon
kilon (clipping) = kiloan
4. wek-wek (onomatopoeia) = sounds of duck
5. software (compounding) = soft + ware
6. ABE (blends) = adios bente-internet cafe
7. BNI (acronym) = Bank Negara Indonesia

i think that's all that i can give for you... =p


the hurricane dodik said...

Hello Sir.....
I have found the words you ordered to us. They are:
1. UNS, Universitas Sebelas Maret)
2. ABE ( the name of "warnet"), abios bente
3. T-sel (telkomsel)
4. Cak Ndut (cak Gendut)
5. Pok-we 2 (Njipuk dhewe 2)
6. FKIP (an acronym)
7. Spidernet ( Spider Internet)
8. Narutimate ( Naruto Ultimate)

That's all i have gotten
I am sure the topic we will discuss tomorrow is more interesting.
see you in class.

banafsheh said...

Good evening sir,
I thought it wouldn't be so difficult to find the words,but i didn't think it was easy.
I've tried to find some words,here they are
1. Compounding:toothpaste,intisari,teapot
2. Blends:tabanas,warpostel
3. Clipping:info(information),doc(document)
4. Acronyms:LCD(liquid crystal display),HIV(human imunodeficiency virus)
5. Conversion:i'll take my veil,the rain began to veil the hill.

Those are some words i found.are they correct?
Thank you_safitri

Anonymous said...

Gutten Nacht Sir. Here they are some words related to your task Sir.
1. Blending: Asisten+dosen= Asdos
2. Compounding: White board, table tennis
3. Acronym:
FBI=Federal Bureau of Investigation
CIA=Central Intelligence Agency
PDGI=Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia
SIEM=Solo International Ethnic Music
4. Eponym:
Aqua=air minum mineral kemasan gelas
5. Clipping: Bicycle= bike
6. Conversion:
-Ani bisa naik sepeda
-Bisa ular Kobra itu sangat berbahaya
-Ayahku seorang pejabat teras
-Doni sedang main gitar di teras
-Ibunya selalu memahami segala sedu sedannya
-Roby kuliah naik sedan

I think that's all from me Sir. Hope you will give me good mark!heheh...Sayonara
Vista Sandy M.U

shiroi said...

well sir. . .
good evening

i have found some examples of the word...
these are the examples :
1. Compound:
a. indomart/alfamart (shop's
name near my house)
b. Sunsilk (a shampo product,i
watched it from TV)
c. Software, Hardware
d. Football, Basketball,
Baseball, Birthday, Hairbrush
2. Blends
Pemilu (Pemilihan Umum),
3. Clipping
Adverb = adv.
Adjective = adj.
Department = dept.
Doctor = Dr.
Institute = Inst.
Goverment = Govt.
a.CPU (Central Processing Unit)
b.USB (Universal Serial Bus)
c.SMS (Short Message Service)
I play football in the field
I watch a play about Romeo and Juliet at the theatre
6. Eponym
PHILIPS for a Television
NOKIA for a handphone

if u find any mistake, please correct it...


iedha said...

good night sir ...
i found some example of words from your assignment.
here they are:
1. acronim : CPU (Central procecing unit), UGD (Unit Gawat Darurat).
2. clipping : interactive
3.Blends : AKBID (akademi kebidanan ), email ( internet mail).
4. compound : freetalk, budidaya.
5. clipping : telephone (telp), alamat (almt), almarhum (alm)etc.
6. ephonym : saya pergi bekerja naik yamaha (yamaha is ephonym), bapak pergi ke makasar naik garuda (garuda is ephonym)

that's all sir ...

i'm sorry if i have a mistakes. please check my assignment.

hanif_ce said...

hi, sir..
i've found some words that have morphological processes.

they are:
1. SAT (Self Access Terminal)-acronym
2. Hi-Tech (High Technology)-blending
3. aqua - eponym
4. sapu tangan - compounding
5. lab (laboratorium)-clipping
6. e-mail (electronic mail)-blending
7. ED (English Department)-acronym
8. must -I must study hard
-It is a must for you
(must 1 & 2 are different)
in this case, must is conversion.

that all..
please check them out, Sir..

thank you.


dyah said...

hi.. Sir
I have found some words:
1) Hi-tech= High technology, I found it on the label of my pen.
2) CV= Curriculum Vitae, I found it on news paper, in job seeker column.
3) Chocochip= Chocolate chip, I found it on the label of Goodtime biscuit.
4) Extraordinary, it’s created by words:extra and ordinary.
5) e-pay= easy payment, it is Garuda Indonesia’s motto.
6) e-go= easy going, it is VISA card’s motto.
7) Ex-girlfriend, it is the title of a song.
8) B.C= Before Christ, I found it in the history book


edwi said...

the task is awesome!!
1.compound:soto kwali(pancasila park, karanganyar)
2.blends:pertamina(perusahaan tambang dan minyak negara);polwan (polisi wanita)=on the road esp. in the morning.
3.acronym:SPBU;BBM (both of them can be met at SPBU Dagen Palur)
4.Ephonym: Supermi as instant noodle(at my home sir)
5.Clipping:hi tech (in the TV, Mr. Habudi's famous word)
I'm sorry sir only those...???
Edwi The 'YOKO'

fransiska said...

Sir,here some words I have found:
GPS= Global Position System, I found it in my brother’s car
luminousessence→luminous+essence, it is the title of a singer’s album.
cerebrovit→cerebrum’s vitamin, it is a brand of brain nutrition.
Mtv=music television, it is a music channel. Gym-center=Gymnastics Center, I found it on fitness center.
MP3= Music Player 3, I have this kind of stuff.
Edutainment= Education and entertainment, it is kind of video’s catalogue in the bookstore.
Coffeemix= Coffee mixed, it is a brand of coffee product.


Anonymous said...

1. GESIT = GEt the SpirIT (rental computer in Ngoresan)

alphie said...

hi sir..
here some examples that I've found :
Rumah makan = rumah + makan
Pocket money = pocket + money
Matahari = mata + hari
Ruko = rumah dan toko
Patwal = patroli pengawal
Puskom = pusat komputer
Kopma = koperasi mahasiswa
Solonet = solo Internet
AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
ELTI = English Language Training International
TOEFL = Test of English as a Foreign Language

I think that's all . .
sory if I make mistake..

erna alfiah

Anonymous said...

2. TAKA = TAngguh perKAsa advertising (on advertisement)
3. ABE = Adios BEnte(Internet café at Jalan Kartika)
4. JOGLOSEMAR = JOGja soLO SEMARang (on newspaper)
5. LAZIS = Lembaga Amil Zakat Infaq Sadaqah (in UNS)
6. magic jar
7. KIJANG for a car
8. Number = no

Anonymous said...

1. Mountea -> Mountain - Tea
I found this word from an advertisement on TV

2. Goosync -> Google synchronization
I found it on one of web in the internet

3. Usol -> Universal Soldier
I got it when i watch movie "Universal Soldier"

4. I-ring -> Indosat Ringtone
I found it in a newspaper

5. Paramex -> Paracetamol & Amoxilin
I found this word in the drug store

6. E-wallet -> Electronic Wallet
I found it in the brochure of a bank

7. Autoxtreme -> Automotif Extreme
I found it in brochure of event

8. X-mild -> Expression Mild
I found it in the on of pamphlet

Buntar T.A (C0307013)

adhist said...

Hello Sir...
Here are some words that I've found for our task:
1. SAT (Self Access Terminal)= Acronym
2. Menwa (Resimen Mahasiswa)= Blend
3. Javanet (Java Internet)= Blend
4. Sentraya Bhuana (Mesen Sastra Budaya Bhuana)= Blend
5. Hotdog (Hot + Dog)= Compound
6. BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa)= Acronym
7. Latal (Latihan Alam)= Blend
8. Chicken roll (Chicken + roll)= Compound

Adystya Imawahyu

Ji~oR_wAi said...

Hi, Sir...
Here is my task....
Check this out...
1. Compound : firewall (I found it in anti virus)

2. Blend : Moge (Motor gedhe) I found it in bike magazine
E-mail (Electronic+mail) I found it in internet.

3. Clipping : Doctor = Doc (I found it at hospital)

4. Acronym : PMI, HIV, AIDS (I found it in front of RSUD)

5. Eponym : Panadol for medicine (I found it at the grocery near my house)
NOKIA for handphone (It's my handphone)

Well, I think that's all I got..
Please make a correction if u find a mistake..
Thank you..
( Gerry Agustino_ C0307028 )

my site said...

Hi ... Mr. Agus, I also want to post comment regarding word formation
here are the words :

- note book, green peace, pencil case
- Depdikbud, Bimbel, Bhaksos
- Laboratory = Lab., Mathematics = Math., Mythology = Myth.
4. ACRONYM = SARA, PAN, AMA (American Medical Assosiation)
a. Give me that pink note
b. I do note your words
c. Every morning she goes to post office.
d. Mr. Agus has me to post our comment at his blog
f. San Fransisco has the most longest bridge among the others country
g. The idea of wearing uniforms can bridge the gap between the poor and the rich student in high school
a. pepsodent for tooth paste

That was my comment, nice day for your weekend

my site said...

Promise that this would be the last for forgetting to attach my NIM Kezia Kustina Indira Wardhani ( C1307013)
Have a great Day..............

farida said...

Hi sir,
good evening,,,
I want to join in your blog with my comment about last week's lesson.
I'm sorry , sir, because my late. Truly, I want to send my contributions yesterday but I have some problems with this gadget&technology, like "gaptek" sir, once again I'm so sorry.
These are my contributions :

Chitato = Chip potato; it is a brand of meal
MLM = Multi Level Marketing; I found it on the program of Tianshi corp.
I-ring, I-say, I-gift = Indosat ring, say, gift; I found it in Indosat's programs
PDA = Personal Data Assistant; I found it in the news paper
Wi-fone = Wireless phone, I found it in television
Autocar = Automatic car; I found it in the news paper
Diabetamil = Diabetic's meal; it is brand of meal for diabetic
Hi-cal = High calcium; I found it in brand of milk
Scutic = Scooter automatic; I found it in the news paper
dahsyat = deretan hits teratas; I found it in the television
mtv ampuh = music television ajang music pribumi duapuluh; I found it in the television
Soy joy = soya enjoy(enjoy the soya); it is a brand of the meal
joy tea = enjoy the tea; it is brand of the tea

Those all of my contributions, sir, please correct them and give me an evaluations about them.

Oh yeah, I also have the comment for the previous lesson about syntax,

- Is 'Immediate constituents' very important for us? what the reason?
- I know more less about the determiner but that's not very clear for me. Could you tell me what the kinds of determiner itself?
- could you tell me about the examples of phrase in English? in Indonesian was clear but in English.....?

Those are all of my problems about the previous lesson.
Thank's for your attention and your answers to me, those are very important for my study.

Good night and see you at the next class..

Farida Rosalina

jr.agogo rush in love said...

Good nice, Sir.
I'm pleased to add our blog. I hope this blog can be a brain booster for the linguistic realm.
According to your instruction few days before, these are my works.
1. Acronym
# UEFA = Union of European Football Associations ( for this case, why "o" at word "of" is doesn't attached for this acronym?)
# Fanta = for the beverages soda, The Javanese love to say Fanta rather than Coca-cola or pepsi, because it easier to be pronounced. (may be)
# airship = air + ship
# JOGLOSEMAR = Jogja Solo Semarang
# KAPOLSEK = Kepala Polisi Sektor
5. Conversion
# Bisa = "Andi digigit ular berbisa" bisa=poison (n)
"Budi bisa dapat naik sepeda" bisa=can(v)

I think that all my works, indeed it is interesting to discuss through our blog. Thanks Sir.

jr.agogo rush in love said...

im sorry to forget attach my name & NIM
Name: Y. Agung Kurniawan
NIM : C1306023

ola... said...

ola sir..
These are the assignment

PASSWORD: Pass + Word
Vitacal: Vitamin and Calcium
Cam: Camera
PIN: Personal Identification Number
1)“Are you ready to rock?” (Verb)
2)The rock bridge has collapsed due to the volcanic earthquake. (Noun)

Jiryan Isfahani (C1306011)

speechless_saint said...

What about this?

COMPOUNDING: bus station, mobile phone, cuttle fish

BLENDING: breakfast+lunch =brunch, sinema+elektronik =sinetron, cyber+organism = cyborg

CLIPPING: telephone=phone, doctor=doc, rhinoceros=rhino

ACRONYM: WiFi,Puskesmas,SWAT

CONVERSION: Is this light blue bag yours? You light my world. I can't see the light.

EPONYM: Baygon for 'obat nyamuk', AQUA for 'air minum dalam kemasan', BLUEBAND for 'margarine'


canticute said...

good morning sir...

im sorry sir, i thought you only need the examples of blending words.

here are some other words

compounding : home+sick = homesick, out+bound=outbound, sun+glases=sunglases

conversion : xerox(N)now english have to xerox(V)

clipping : maximum=max,minimum=min,high=hi,paramedic=medic


i think that's all i have

thank you for your correction.


een... said...

huy sirr...
there are my contributions about :
1. compound: freetalk,bookstore
2. acronym : WHO, FTZ, ASEAN
3. ephonym : aqua, honda
4. blend : puskom (pusat komputer), dinkes (dinas kesehatan)

well, that is what I do...
C 1306040

een... said...

lets have a look at my contribution they are:
1. compound: hotdog, playboy
3.acronym: TPS, RCTI, SCTV
4. ephonim; AUTAN (Moquito lotion)

that was my contribution

een... said...

well they are my contribution...
4.Ephonym:xerox(foto copy machine)
The house is located near the bank
the bank=near the river

The bank is bangkrupt
the bank=name of bank such as mandiri,BNI etc.

thanks sir...

ratna kusumaningrum

siti said...

good evening sir, these are some examples of word formation

back + street= backstreet
black + head = blackhead

government = govt
tlephone = tel

isoma = istirahat, sholat, makan

US = United States
BA = Bachelor of Arts

English Indonesian
bow-bow huk-huk

aqua for fresh water
levi's for jeans

the bank gives high interest
i have no interest in him at all

siti said...

my group will have a presentation about SFL. we are confused in understanding about SFL and ave trouble in finding the appropriate refference about SFL. could you give us any suggestion, sir?

thank you..

ROSYID said...

Hello sir, here is the assignment that you've given to us.

Compound :
Rossi has OVERLAPped Gibernau in Sepang

AREMA (Arek Malang) telah mengalahkan Persija dengan skor 2-1

Anak-anak non-REG(Reguler) bertamasya ke Pantai Baron

Are you feeling GOOD (Adj) today?
Bring the GOOD (N) into the house!

Tolong ambilkan REMASON itu dunk! (RHEUMASON:merk balsem)

Well, that's all I can get sir, thx


Who Am I??? said...

after studying linguistik ozcar and I went to "KANSAS"=kantin sastra (BLENDING). Then, he invited me to go to 'Singosaren' Mall for looking HandPhone(COMPOUND).
because I've accompanied him, Ozcar bought "Burger" = Hamburger (CLIPPING) for me. After that, we went home, but, Ozcar wanted to repair his motorcycle in HONDA's Dealer (EPHONYM). Then, when we were on the way, we saw Many ABRI (ACRONYM)ran together with their teammate...

thanks before and I say apologize for being late to submit it..
good night sir.. have a nice day tomorrow..(C1306052)

een... said...

morning sir...
they are my contributions :
- blend : mendagri, monas, pemda
- acronym : UGM, MPR, LA,
- compound : playgroup, seafood
- ephonym : rinso, honda

well.. I think that's all...
thanks sir...

sri haryatun
C 1306070

Mas Hanif Genang Setyaji said...

Hello Sir! Sorry I'm late to submit my assignment because last week was my presentation. Those are the words that I had found.
Blend: Wartel= from Warung + Telekomunikasi, Edcom = English department comunity
Acronym= UKM= Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa
RND= Research and Development
Clipping= net from network
compound=greenhause, matahari
ephonym=carvil represents 'sandal'
That's all my assignment. thank you.
Hanif Genang S. (C0306004)

Muhammad said...

I'm sorry sir I was late. because I have trouble with my account.

1. Acronym : HMJ, BCA, AIG
2. Blends : Warnet (Warung Internet)
3. Compound : Tongseng
4. Clipping : net (network)
5. Coinage :
6. Ephonym : sarimie for all instant mie.

Yusuf C0307038

dhian said...

Hello, Sir..
Sorry for my belated task..
I forgot it..
Well, Sir..
Let's check out..

1. Blending
- SidNi = Sidanegara Indah
- SatGas = Satuan Tugas
- TeSa = Teater Sastra
- BanDara = Bandar Udara
- PemDa = Pemerintah Daerah
- EDCom = English Department Community

2. Compounding
- Ball point
- Rice Cooker
- Hand Phone
- Motor cycle
- Table manner
- Pencak silat

3. Acronym
- BRI = Bank Rakyat Indonesia
- BPR = Bank Pemerintah Daerah
- SWT = Subhanallahhu Wa Ta'ala
- SWA = Subhanallahhu Wa Alaihissalam
- IC = Immediate Constituent

- Nokia for telephone cellular
- “Iwak” in Java, for all kinds of meat
- “Sak niki sampun kagungan putra pinten, Pak?”. Putra = for child in all gender (in Java)
- Rinso for detergent

- Telephone = telp
- Cellular = cell.
- University = Univ.
- Kau = “Ko” ( in Papua)
- Saya = “Sa” (in Papua)
- Sudah = “Su” (in Papua)
- Pergi = "Pi" (in Papua)
- Technology = tech.
- Temperature = temp.

6. Conversion
- I can book the seat (book = verb)
- I get a new book (book=noun)

- She is trying to thicken the sugar ( thicken = verb )
- The plot of the story become thicken ( thicken = adj. )

Those all from me..
Please tell me if you find some mistakes in my assignment..


TiK@SasIngA-C13_21 said...

1. Compounding :
2. Blending :
Baksos = Bakhti Sosial,
Infotainment = Information,entertainment,
E-mail = Electronic mail,
Modem = Modulator demodulator
3. Clipping :
Ling = Linguistic,
Ad = Advertisement
4. Acronym :
TOEIC = Test of English for International Communication
LC = Language Center
5. Conversion :
-San Fransisco has the longest bridge in the world.
-I was able to bridge the gap between poor people and rich people.
6.Ephonym :
Mio as motorcycle
Alfalink as Electronic dictionary.

Septianingrum Kartika Nugraha

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