Monday, December 22, 2008

Take part in our Wiki

Yes… we now have a wiki: a web site that enables you to post, and edit the contents. Of course our wiki is about linguistics. Please visit

Log in with your username and password. Then start posting. Students of Non Regular Program have already got the usernames and passwords. Remember, your contribution deserves extra marks. I hope, this wiki will be complete before we do the final exam.

Students of the regular programs can also join by clicking the "request access", or come to me directly and I will give you the username and password.

Looking forward to reading your contribution.




farida said...

assalamualaikum wr.wb.

hi mr,,,
my name's farida rosalina C0307025

i'm sorry for my presentation last week coz that's awful, i'm so shy with you coz i don't understand about my presentation so make my friend, makna, very confuse about my topic,systemic functional linguistic,,
but i'll try until i understand it,i need your help, mr., but i don't know the way to understand it???.
not only SFL which i don't understand it but also the other material,sir.
i afraid i can't learn and understand all of the material before the final exam,,i'm so scare sir, please help me,tell me how the way/s in order to handle this problem,my problem,,
i'm very need your advise sir, for my academic future,,
and what the materials which i'll learn for the final exam,sir?

please solve my problem sir,i'm so confuse n scare about the final exam,,
i think,,you're a great lecturer coz you always care about all of the student's problems,,
i hope you understand about my condition,,i hope you can help me,sir,.

thank's a lot for your help,,,
i'm waiting for your mail for me,,that's my great expectation now.


Agus D. Priyanto said...

I don't know what problems you have. Please, write an email to me so that we can discuss personally.
Don't worry too much, there's always a way out.